WomenSport International


"Our mission is to encourage increased opportunities and positive change for women and girls at all levels of involvement of sport and physical activity"

WomenSport International (WSI)

was formed in 1994 to meet the challenge of ensuring that sport and physical activity receive the attention and priority they deserve in the lives of women and girls. The main purpose of WSI is to serve as an umbrella organization that can bring about positive change for girls and women. Our advocacy is strongly based on current research.



Happy International Women’s Day! On behalf of WomenSport International’s collaboration with Voice of America News, I am excited to share VOA-N’s program on Women and Sport featuring stories from game changing women athletes and leaders in women in sport.More

Barbara L. Drinkwater

One of WSI’s founding members Barbara L. Drinkwater, Ph.D., FACSM, and the only woman who has received WSI’s honorary award (2013), passed away peacefully on Monday, September 30 in Gold Canyon, Arizona.More