Non-Accidental Violence in Sport Task Force

Non-Accidental Violence in Sport Task Force

Introduction to the Non-Accidental Violence in Sport Task Force Video (May, 2021)


  • Kari Fasting – Chair, WSI Board Member

Kari Fasting  is the Emeritus Board member for WomenSport International (WSI), and the Professor of Norwegian School of Sport and Physical Education. She has been a leading voice in the gender equality in sport movement for over 40 years, jointly founding Women Sport International and Safe Sport International. An esteemed and highly sought-after professor in sports science, her findings have been shared globally, helping to change and challenge the sporting landscape around the world. Kari was awarded the IOC Women and Sport Award Winner for Europe in 2021. 

Kari continues to share her research, conduct presentations and provide expert advice to sports organizations around the world, to help them establish policies and procedures for safeguarding and develop gender equality action plans that go beyond one-off projects and have a long-lasting impact.

  • Diane Huffman – WSI President

Diane Huffman is the President of WomenSport International (WSI), and has been an active member of WSI since 2014. As a consultant, Diane is a senior advisor for the Norwegian Olympic and Paralympic Committee and Confederation of Sports (NIF). Her focus is partnership, organizational and policy development to influence safe participation of girls and women in sport. Diane’s community development shared experience has enabled advocacy groups to challenge policy and promote behavioral change within the sport community. With a concentration on women’s rights, Diane has been involved with groups such as A City for All Women, providing opportunities for all women to take part in municipal decision-making, the Gender Action Committee of the UN Sport for Peace and Development Program and the African Union Sports Council Region 5, contributing to the development of international gender action plans for 10 countries. She has motivated national and regional sport policy changes and gained support toward gender mainstreaming, human rights, and women’s leadership within Ministries of Sport, National Olympic Committees and National Sport Associations in different countries of Southern Africa.

  • Ani Chroni – WSI Past President

  • Nada Knorre – WSI Vice President

  • Gretchen Kerr – WSI Advisory Board

  • Ainhoa Azurmendi


WSI is now building on its previous work from the 1998-2004 Task Force on Sexual Harassment, which produced a position statement and a brochure about how to address sexual harassment.

The original Task Force was  initiated after the realisation that combating sexual harassment and abuse in sport had been rapidly rising up the sports agenda, largely due to the work of WSI members in the research, advocacy and policy fields. The Task Force  stimulated a range of projects and worked in partnership with numerous organisations and individuals.

Download the Position Statement on Non-accidental violence of girls and women in sport (.pdf, 225KB)