Triad Summit 2002

In July 2002 a Female Athlete Triad Summit was convened in Chicago,USA, by Michelle Cameron, MD to coordinate the efforts of many organization in their efforts to eliminate the occurence of the Triad among female athletes. WomenSport International was represented by Barbara Drinkwater, Ph.D., Chair of the WSI Task Force.

Summit participants agreed on a Mission statement, six specific goals and the four projects listed below.

Mission: Promote optimal health and well-being of female athletes and prevent the female athlete triad through:

· Advocacy · Education · Global Leadership · Public Policy · Research


  1. Support cultures that promote healthy athletic environments
  2. Establish public policy
  3. Effect change in national and international governing bodies
  4. Eliminate unethical and inhumane treatment of female athletes
  5. Educate athletes, parents, coaches, health care professionals and the general public
  6. Determine the scope of the problem through research

Project #1 – Public Education

  • Review existing materials on the Female Athlete Triad and review relevance to our target audience
  • Develop appropriate educational materials in collaboration with the task force

Project #2 – Collaboration/Sponsorship

  • Establish foundational elements necessary for soliciting financial support
  • Solicit Corporate Sponsorship
  • Collaboration with other organizations

Project #3 Advocacy/Political Strategies

  • Partner with IOC Medical Commission
  • Collect data from CDC for secondary analysis and to identify gaps
  • Contact legislators to determine best approaches to legislature and related to H.P
  • Contact Indiana Based sports federations regarding advocacy support

Project # 4 Professional Education

  • Identify our audience – coaches, athletic directors, school nurses, athletic trainers,
    ACHA, medical personnel, physical educators, health educators, nurse practitioners, dieticians, physical therapists, personal trainers.
  • Create tip sheets for our audiences
  • Fact finding on the web, resources, associations such as NATA, NCWA, Middle Schools, High Schools, ANA, AMA, ADA

The Summit was organized by the National Association of Orthopaedic Nurses (NAON) and funded in part by an educational grant from Merck Pharmaceuticals.

WSI members in countries outside North America who would like to participate in this program can contact WSI by e-mail at