Membership Benefits:

  • Access to an international network of experts for sharing research, information, ideas, good practices, and actions taken
  • Communication regarding research-based strategies to enhance gender equity practices in the sport industries
  • Support to enhance opportunities and effect change for women and girls in sport and physical activity
  • Invitation to WSI functions at major international conferences

Definition of Membership:

  • General Individual Membership. Active membership shall be open to individuals who support the aims and objectives of WSI and want to take an active role in the organization. (This includes the right to vote at the Annual General Meeting and in elections, and to run for office)..
  • Student Membership. Student membership is open to those involved in a degree program and enrolled in at least one class each term.
  • Organizational Membership. Organizational membership shall be open to any organization that supports the aims and objectives of WSI. Members of such organizations shall automatically become general individual members; however the organization (including its members) shall only have one vote at the Annual General Meeting.

Membership Fees (in US dollars)

  • $200 for Organizations
  • $50 for General Individuals
  • $15 for Students

To support our global mission, all members are required to pay the annual membership fee. When circumstances warrant, WSI will consider waiving the membership fee while maintaining confidentiality. Individuals approved for a fee waiver will receive the full membership benefits. All applicants will receive a confirmation of their membership status from the Board. Waiver will only apply to “General Individual” and “Student” membership.

Membership fees are annual. The applications are processed monthly. Individuals and organizations will receive a confirmation of membership.

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