Here we provide access to Position Papers, White Papers, Submissions, Presentations, and Panels that WSI has created or contributed to.  We also provide links to useful reports and resources from other organisations.

Safeguarding Athletes from Harassment and Abuse in Sport: Two Resources

The 2017 International Olympic Committee (IOC) Safeguarding Athletes from Harassment and Abuse in Sport toolkit. Download from the IOC website.
It aims to assist National Olympic Committees (NOCs) and International Federations (IFs) in the development of policies and procedures to safeguard athletes from harassment and abuse in sport.

The IOC’s mission is to place athletes at the heart of the Olympic Movement, and Olympic Agenda 2020 sets out the strategic roadmap for this.
This includes Recommendation 18: Strengthen support to athletes. Through this recommendation, the IOC has taken significant steps to safeguard athletes from harassment and abuse in sport.

The IOC prevention of harassment and abuse in sport (PHAS) initiatives have been established by the IOC’s Athletes’, Athletes’ Entourage, Medical and Scientific and Women in Sport Commissions, in collaboration with NOCs, IFs and subject matter experts.

Europe-wide Report on Gender-Based Violence in Sport
WSI President Stiliani Chroni, and Past President Kari Fasting, contributed to an important 2016 report on this topic by the European Commission. They served on the Advisory Board for the report, Study on Gender-Based Violence in Sport, which was written by Lut Mergaert, Catarina Arnaut, Tine Vertommen and Melanie Lang. Download the report (.pdf)

The report provides an overview of the legal and policy frameworks, describes initiatives promoted by sport and civil society organisations, identifies best practice in combatting gender-based violence in sport and makes recommendations for future action. It argues that a holistic approach to fight gender-based violence in sport is needed that considers: an assessment of the magnitude of the problem; prevention initiatives; comprehensive legal, policy and disciplinary provisions to prosecute and punish perpetrators and to protect athletes from gender-based violence; provision of services for those subjected to acts of gender-based violence; and multi-level, multi-disciplinary and multi-actor partnerships.