WSI Webinars

“GAMES Pool of Actions – Gender Equality in Sport Governance” (5.6.2024)

“Nurturing Mental Health of Women in Sports: Opportunities for Research, Practice, and Advocacy” (2.26.2024)

“Women Empowerment Women’s Professional Soccer League (WE League) in Japan” (12.1.2023)

“WomenSport International’s Leaders, Innovators and Protectors of Women in Sport” (9.9.2023)

“A World Where Talent Has No Gender” (6.22.2023)

“United States Collegiate Coaches’ Perceptions of Transgender Athletes’ Inclusion” (2.10.2023)

“Leadership in Sports with a Gender Perspective/ El Liderazgo en los Deportes con perspectiva de Género” (8.31.2022)

“Science and Policy of Transgender Athletes” (7.13.2022)

“The Power to Transform Lives ~Empowerment of women with intellectual disability through involvement in Special Olympics Bulgaria ~” (5.31.2022)

“Global analysis of gender-based disparities in media coverage of elite sport” (4.8.2022)

“WSI New Generation of Game Changers” (3.19.2022)

“Sport Nutrition for Women in Sport” (1.13.2022)

“Doping in Sport and the Consequences” (10.25.2021)

“Sports Media Coverage of Elite Female Athletes with Disabilities” (9.25.2021)

“Gender Equality in Tokyo Olympics and Paralympics” (8.28.2021)