Executive Committee

March 2019- Aug 2022
Current Officers
President: Diane Huffman – Canada
Vice president: Nada Knorre – Czech Republic
Past President: Stiliani “Ani” Chroni – Norway/Greece; Kari Fasting – Norway
Secretary: Becky Clark – USA
Treasurer: Guro Johnsen – Switzerland/Norway


Diane Huffman – Canada

Diane Huffman is the senior advisor for the Norwegian Olympic and Paralympic Committee and Confederation of Sports. Her focus is partnership, organizational and policy development particularly related to influencing safe participation of girls and women in sport. Diane’s community development experience has enabled advocacy groups to challenge policy and promote behaviour change within the sport community. With a concentration on women’s rights, Diane has been involved with groups such as a City for All Women, providing opportunities for all women to take part in municipal decision-making processes within her home community, acting in the role of adviser to the Chair of the Gender Action Committee of the UN Sport for Peace and Development Program and influencing the development of international gender action plans in southern Africa. She has played an influential role on national and regional sport policy changes and gained support toward gender mainstreaming, human rights, and women’s leadership with Regional governance structures, Ministries of Sport, National Olympic Committees and National Sport Associations in countries such as Zambia and Zimbabwe. Diane is an active member of WSI, chairing the International Development Task Force, is an advisor to the Women’s Sport Africa Network and is working behind the scenes with a number of organizations to move forward the agenda of safe sport for everyone.

Nada Knorre – Czech Republic.

Dr. Nadezda Knorre has a doctoral degree from the Faculty of Physical Education, Charles University in Prague, where she worked as a teacher at the Department of Gymnastics from 1986 to 2004. She is a well known coach of gymnastics and served from 1993 to 2001 as a member of The Technical Committee General Gymnastics, in the European Gymnastic Federation (UEG). During the same period she was also a board member of the Czech Gymnastic Federation, and an international judge in team gymnastics. In 1997 she was appointed as the first chairperson of the Women and Sport Committee of the Czech Olympic Committee, where she still works in this position. From 2001-2004 she was the first elected woman as member of the Board of the Czech Olympic Committee, and from 2001-2004 she represented Czech Sport in the European Women and Sport steering group (EWS). In 2011, she was elected as an Advisory Board member of WSI and has been Vice-President since 2015. In 2012, she became a member of the expert group of the EU project Preventing Sexual Harassment and Abuse in Sport, and since 2016, she has been a member of the IOC Virtual Task Force Preventing Harassment and Abuse in Sport. Her current publications focus on all issues concerning Women and Sport in the Czech Republic.

Stiliani “Ani” Chroni, Greece/Norway

Dr. Ani Chroni joined the WSI Advisory Board in 2005 and the Executive Board in 2011. She has been the WSI President since 2014. She is professor of sport psychology and coaching at the Inland Norway School of Sport Sciences. Her expertise is in sport psychology, women and sport, sport coaching and performance enhancement. During her graduate studies at Springfield College and the University of Virginia she developed a keen interest in girls’ and women’s matters in sport, and later on faced various forms of discrimination herself within the realm of sport. Ani has worked in international projects exploring gender relations and sexualized violence in sports, and led European Union (EU) funded programs on gender and equity while working in her native country, Greece. Currently, she lives and works in Norway, is a Certified Mental Performance Consultant by AASP and her research focuses on coaches’ psychology. She was an alpine ski racer and coach and today she is still active in the sport as a Technical Delegate for the International Ski Federation.

Guro Johnsen – Switzerland/Norway

Before Guro A. Johnsen established her first company ‘AG Johnsen AG’ in 2007 in Switzerland and later establishing her second company‘Johnsenskillz AG’, she served different roles for the Norwegian Olympic Committee (NOC) in Norway. Her positions with the NOC included Marketing Manager and Project Manager for “the Women Project” a five-year athletes and management program leading up to the Olympic Gamesin both Nagano and Sidney.  She also represented the NOC on different boards and committees.  Johnsen was later responsible for the negotiations of the agreement between Adecco SA – a Fortune Global 500 and the International Olympic Committee (IOC), different International Federations and individual National Olympic Committees around the world for the Athletes Career Program (ACP). As the Global Project Director, based in Zürich she established and ran the program with country project managers in 25 countries. In the same time period she was a member of the IOC steering committee for the ACP.

For several years Johnsen was Manager of four (4) Olympians in Beach Volleyball (men) and a Walker (woman), and an owner of a Sponsor company.  Over the last three (3) years she was an adviser to the board for SafeSport International.

Interesting to note is that Johnsen is well known in Norway as a fearless debater when it comes to focus on women and leadership in sport.  She has a Masters from the Norwegian School of Sport Sciences with a focus in International Sport politics and culture and a Masters in Management from the Economical University, BI in Norway.

Becky Clark – USA

Dr. Becky Clark is a managing partner and co-founder of WOBOLD Sports, LLC, a global sports consultancy firm specializing in empowerment and leadership for girls and women with disabilities and/or deaf. She is also a certified mental performance consultant and licensed psychotherapist (LCSW-R) with a private practice in New York City. She received her PhD in Kinesiology with a specialty in Sport and Exercise Psychology at Temple University and MSW in Clinical Social Work from New York University and listed in the United States Olympic Committee Sport Psychology Registry. Dr. Clark has a rich history as a multi-sport elite athlete including former basketball player for Pat Summitt and the University of Tennessee, three-time Deaflympian with one gold and two silver medals for the USA Deaf Women’s Volleyball Team, and competed in the 1991 U.S. Olympic Festival. She is an accomplished fastpitch softball player and has run 7 marathons. She has played for two legendary Hall of Fame coaches in two different sports. Dr. Clark was a Torchbearer for the 2002 Winter Olympics. She is a staunch advocate for girls and women with disabilities and/or deaf and using sport as a vehicle to breaking barriers and building bridges among cultures globally. She served as a Sports Envoy to China to advance disability rights, inclusion, and gender equality for the U.S. Department of State. She also served as an American Cultural Ambassador in the area of sports for the Deaf in Venezuela. Dr. Clark has published research, presented papers, keynote speeches, and conducted training and workshops on disability rights and inclusion, gender equality, leadership, mental skills/peak performance and the use of sport as a tool for effective and positive social change at various national and international organizations and conferences. She also co-chaired the WSI Deaf and Hard of Hearing Girls and Women in Sport Task Force.