Shannon Miller was one of the most successful women’s hockey coaches in the history of college sports, so she expected a pat on the back when she was called to a December 2014 meeting about her next contract at the University of Minnesota Duluth.

Instead, she was told the university would not renew her contract. Her firing stoked an ongoing national debate over gender equity in college sports, especially among women’s coaches, and led Miller to sue UMD for discrimination.

A federal jury in Duluth on Thursday sided with Miller, awarding her $3.74 million in damages.
Miller’s attorney, Donald Chance Mark Jr., said the coach was happy with the award, but the case meant much more than that for women.

“And it’s important they you have an absolute right to expect and demand compliance with federal law, which is that you be treated equally. And Shannon stood for all of those things and this jury agreed with that,” he said.


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