Two of the WSI board members, Dr. Carole Oglesby and Dr. Kanae Haneishi, took a part of the kick-off conference with SHEEROSE in India for developing a foundation for girls and women in sport.

SHEEROSE Women SportsConference

August 2020

Sheerose Welfare Foundation in India hosted the successful women’s sport virtual conference. The 2-day event was streamed through Facebook and Youtube around the world. The best performance for any one program was 6000 views on social media with totals for whole conference over 21,000 views.

Prior to the event, Sheerose  explained “Sports have a two way relationship with society. The First edition of The Womens Sports Conference 2020, is set to give a boost to the Sports ecosystem for Girls by bringing together the top sports promoters, policy makers, sports management companies and Women In Sports; all under one roof.”

The conference consisted of 17 sessions by the national and international speakers. Two of our WSI board members, Dr. Carole Oglesby and Dr. Kanae Haneishi, took a part in it. Dr. Oglesby presented at the “Sport Smart. Sport Psychology” session with Dr. Leeja Carter and Shikha Tandon. Her main take-home message was “Psych skills for excellence in sport; psych skills transfer to life.” Dr. Kanae Haneishi spoke from her own experience at the “What Foundations Can Do For National Programs” session with Dr. Marj Snyder and Dr. Fernando Ayber Soltero. Dr. Haneishi described how Foundations like Japanese Association for Women in Sport (JWS) and WSI helped her to get where she is today. She said that girls and women in sport are so talented and have so much potential, and Foundations can provide the support they need and help them achieve their goals.

The event site shows other speakers and topics that were discussed through the event.


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