Congratulations to the following women who were elected by acclamation to fill the open positions of Officers and Advisory Board for the term of March 1 2019 to August 1, 2022.

The 2018 election for WSI Executive and Advisory Board members was uncontested across all positions. A formal election, as originally outlined on the website was therefore not conducted.

Executive Board
President: Diane Huffman – Canada
Vice president: Nada Knorre – Czech Republic
Past President: Stiliani “Ani” Chroni – Norway/Greece
Secretary: Becky Clark – USA
Treasurer: Guro Johnsen – Switzerland/Norway

Advisory Board
First term:
Dunja Antunovic – USA/Hungary/Serbia
Toni Bruce – New Zealand
Kari Fasting – Norway
Kanae Haneishi – USA/Japan
Junko Tahara – Japan
Gabrielle Salomon – UK

Second term:
Nefeli Chondroyanni – Abu Dhabi/Greece
Gretchen Kerr – Canada

Thank you to retiring members of the WSI Executive and Advisory Boards for their service and commitment to women’s sport.
WSI acknowledges and deeply thanks recent President Stiliani ‘Ani’ Chroni for her important leadership of WSI, which will continue in her new role as Past-President role on the Executive Board.

WSI also thanks retiring members of the Executive and Advisory Boards for their ongoing service and commitment to women’s sport.

Retiring Executive Board:
Past President: Kari Fasting – Norway (to Advisory Board)
Secretary: Toni Bruce – New Zealand (to Advisory Board)
Treasurer: Chris Shelton – USA

Retiring Advisory Board members:
Diane Huffman – Canada (to President)
Kyoko Raita – Japan
Johanna Adriannse – Australia
Jinxia Dong – China
Katia Rubio – Brazil

More information about the new Board members will be posted soon.

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