Empowering Women in Sports: WSI’s Impactful Presence at UN Women CSW 68

At the 68th Commission on the Status of Women (CSW68), WomenSport International (WSI) showcased its commitment to gender equality in sports, engaging in discussions on safe and equitable participation. Key sessions addressed topics from cultural change to inclusivity, featuring experts like Katie Simmonds and Dr. Becky Clark. An in-person event further explored strategies for gender-inclusive sports, emphasizing stakeholder engagement. WSI’s efforts highlighted the importance of creating a safer, more equitable sports environment for girls and women.

Empowering Women in Sports: WomenSport International’s Impactful Presence at UN Women CSW 68

March 2024

At the 68th session of the Commission on the Status of Women (CSW68), organized by United Nations Women, WomenSport International (WSI) played a pivotal role in advancing the conversation on gender equality in sports. WSI’s involvement in a parallel session and an in-person event highlighted the organization’s commitment to creating a safer and more equitable sports environment for women.

Parallel Session Highlights

The parallel session on March 14th, titled “Enhancing Safe and Equitable Participation of Women in Sports Systems,” featured speakers from various corners of the globe. Key discussions focused on fostering cultural change, safeguarding practices, addressing interpersonal violence, and overcoming barriers to reporting violence in sports. Notably, speakers like Katie Simmonds and Malebo Raditladi-Nkgakile shared insights into effective governance and progress in Southern Africa, while Dr. Becky Clark emphasized the importance of inclusive sports for women with disabilities.

In-Person Event: A Collaborative Approach

The following day, WSI co-facilitated an in-person event aimed at promoting gender-inclusive systems in sports. The session, held at the Salvation Army, saw contributions from influential figures such as Sarah Axelson, Diane Huffman, and Elizabeth Flores-Amaya. Through engaging discussions, participants explored strategies to involve stakeholders in creating a more inclusive sports environment.

Impact and Forward Momentum

WSI’s active participation at CSW68 underscores its dedication to breaking down barriers for women in sports. By sharing research, strategies, and on-the-ground experiences, WSI is driving the global agenda towards more inclusive, safe, and equitable sports practices. The insights and commitments shared during these sessions mark a significant step towards achieving gender equality in sports, highlighting the need for continued collaboration and action.

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